In the 80's, upon obtaining three Chincoteague Ponies (purchased in the mid 70's), Gale Park Frederick set up a non-profit organization under the Federal Government 501-C Agriculture and Education.  To recognize this unique breed of pony. To improve and promote the breed across the United States and Canada. The Registration is called, THE NATIONAL CHINCOTEAGUE PONY ASSOCIATION. Gale Park Frederick is the only known breeder of these fine ponies. A herd size of 13 Ponies, insures 5 lucky people a new pony each year, from the farm in Bellingham, Washington. Contact the "NATIONAL CHINCOTEAGUE PONY ASSOCIATION" for more information on obtaining a pony. We have shipped them to people's doorsteps. They come with a coggins test, brand inspection and a health certificate. And of course, Registered in the name you wish. Or, come and see for yourself and take home your prize, in person.

Jim Karl Frederick, age 17, Rocky Ridge, Md.  Yearling Filly, Honey One.
My son and I ran our first Chincoteague Pony Ranch together.
I couldn't have done it without him. He is missed dearly. 1962-1988


Gale Park Frederick, Native American Heritage (Black Foot Tribe)

Museum of the Native Nations now in Washington D.C. Smithsonian Museum

    National Museum of the American Indian    9/22/2004
The museum's three permanent inaugural exhibits examine themes common to all Indian People: The spiritual relationship between humans and their universe, native people's survival in the face of the European onslaught and how Indians maintain their distinct communities in the modern world.

American Indians by numbers:

Cherokee:  729,533              Navajo:  298,197

Canadian/Latin American Indians:  192,770            Choctaw:  158,774

Sioux:  153,360            Chippewa:  149,669            Apache:  96,833

Blackfeet:  85,750            Iroquois:  80,822            Pueblo:  74,085


Sometimes a pony comes in all shapes & sizes.


IceCreamSundae's first Foal. Only hours old, 3/1/04
"He's A Suitor" stud colt.

Ginger of Assateague

Deborah Ann Frederick and Miss Arrow Head Nine

Gale Park Frederick, 62 years of age and over Thirty years of
Chincoteague Pony Handling, Breeding and Promoting

Shir Dot, 6 months of age, 1975. Swam the channel from
Assateague to Chincoteague Island, VA.
Our first stud colt (seed pony)

Billie Foal, now lives in Florida

Head shot of Honey and Betz 1979