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Aptitudes, Notable Physical
& Temperamental Characteristics

COLOR: Mostly pinto and paint.
  • PAINT: skewbald &
    piebald, (black & white only).
  • PINTO: Ovaro- solid color with white
  • Tobiano- white base with colored irregular
    patches of solid color or roan.
  • Other colors:
    • Palamino to Dark Bay on white.
      Dark Red on white (tobiano), with black
    • Strawberry roan on white tobiano.
    • Solid Black.
    • Solid Sorrel with flaxen mane and tail.
    • Solid Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.

The ponies colorfully marked coat is a
particular favorite in pony halter


  • Well proportioned, strong and muscular.
  • Standing 14.2 hands and under. A hand is 4 inches. Measured by holding four fingers together on their side.
  • weight - 800 to 900 pounds.
  • One - two cow licks on forehead.
  • Extra thick mane and tail.
  • Light Fetlock Feathering.
  • Tail sits low on the rump.
  • Well rounded rump.
  • Chincoteague Ponies have strong
  • A unique style and balanced
  • Long distance runners
  • Extra long tails and manes.
  • Tails Flag

Chincoteague Pony Foals weigh around 50 - 60 lbs at birth. We ship them to their new owners at 6 months of age. At that time they weigh around 150 lbs.

The Chincoteague Pony can gallop very fast for horses their size.


  • Good nature, kind, sweet and gentle.
    Loves People.
  • Highly intelligent and versatile.
  • Well suited for children.
  • Performs well in hunt seat, jumping, driving, and trail riding.
    Under English or Western Saddle.
  • Puppy Dog personality.



  • Very brave and honorable.
  • Loves to play and learn new things.
  • Will keep their stall, paddock, or pasture clean by using one
    corner for feces matter.
  • A good keeper as the pony requires less food than a full grown horse.
  • Fresh water, weed patch, hay and grain will do. There is a saying "The Chincoteague Pony can get
    fat on a cement slab."
  • During the Winter months, the ponies will grow a heavy coat of hair. They will become shaggy in appearance.



Honey of Chincoteague and
stud foal Crackerjack

Ginger of Assateague
Mare, 5 years of age

Black Gold, B.G. Stallion,
800 Pounds, 14.2 Hands Tall

SeaFoam Yearling Stud Colt

B.G. BlackGold
Stallion, 7 years of age

B.G. Black Gold in Show Braids.
The Chincoteague Pony can do it all
in the show arenas.

Betz of Chincoteague, Mare 5 years old
During the winter months the ponies grow lots of hair
January 1980

Crackerjack of Assateague, 12 year old Stallion
14.2 hands and 900 lbs

Foal on the Chincoteague Pony Farm

Chincoteague Pony Farm Trucking Hay

Ginger and her filly foal,
Nutmeg only a day old

Teri Harderson, Seattle, on Chincoteague
Pony Rainy. Teri owns Rainy, who is 18 years
of age and they are doing Pole Eventing
Pole Bending at Green River Saddle Club, 4-H show.
June 2004

Island Jet Colt newly born. Born on The National
Chincoteague Pony Farm in Bellingham, WA.

Island Jet age 22 months. Lives on Decatur
Island, WA. Owned by Sarah and Morgan Jones.